Showing Our Commitment to Achieving the Highest Academic Standards

Belltown University constantly strives to build partnerships and membership with the world's leading institutions to ensure that our standards remain unsurpassed in the industry. We are associated with renowned organizations such as International Alliance (IA). Our memberships with IA demonstrate our commitment to the never ending process of providing quality education globally.

Our mission has been to build a global educational platform where students and instructors from all parts of the world could converge and kindle an open exchange of knowledge. With Belltown University, we're pretty much there. But maintaining and improving our educational standards with such a massive student base is always a big challenge. Belltown University is dedicated to strengthening its ties through strong memberships with institutions and organizations all over the world. Together these alliances promote the development and application of quality online education globally.

Belltown University is committed to practice the best educational trends and that allows us to develop and nurture our relationship with renowned institutions and organizations across the globe. We form alliances with these organizations to continue supporting the development and application of distance learning globally. Belltown University continuously looks forward to strengthening its relationship through memberships with such institutions and organizations all over the world. Our association with these organizations is a testament of our efforts of working with the international community to provide quality education to every individual of the world.

The International Alliance is a non-profit organization that works towards improving the standards of education globally. The association also promotes the development and application of distance education programs; offered across various channels, to meet the academic requirements  of adult learners around the world. With its global network of member institutes, IA undertakes academic and professional development programs meant to enhance human fulfillment through education and bring a positive social change.